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Experience can't be faked!

Having been an active member of the fitness community since the age of 15, I have acquired not just the education and training but the invaluable experiences needed to take each one of my clients through the rough road of achieving balance between a sharp and peaceful mind and a strong and aesthetic physique.

My versatile coaching style employs a unique mix of strength & conditioning, martial arts and military style HIIT programs, along with a focus on a healthy and purpose driven nutrition and lifestyle that has been tried and tested for optimal results. All of the above have allowed me to rise to the ranks of senior PT at Fitness First with features on the Fitness First Magazine. My motto is "experience can't be faked and a fit client starts with a fit and driven trainer!"

Fitness First Magazine Feature
Fitness First Magazine Feature


I have been training with Sam face to face since September 2016 to stay fit as I was feeling like I was getting older each day. My goal was just to stay healthy and didn't really have much interest in looking particularly toned or lean but not only did all my health markers improve but I have lost a lot of fat and have gotten so much more energetic! All I did was to follow Sam's expert advice on nutrition, training and lifestyle habits. I am confident that everyone can benefit from Sam's unbeatable method!

Sunmee P.

Sam's simply a one-stop-shop! Whether you need a training program and nutrition advice to drop 5kg for a wedding or just an adrenaline rushing kick boxing session or want to train as a group outdoors, he WILL DELIVER! 

Sing H.

Sam's repertoire of expertise and wit ensures every kickboxing session is high intensity and extremely enjoyable. Sam's motivational tactics certainly make the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile, whilst he transforms you into a faster and fitter fighter. Thank you Sam!

Ingrid A.





Full service one-on-one

  • Face-to-face private training

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Kickboxing

  • HIIT 

  • Rehabilitation

  • Pre/post natal

  • Customized training program

  • Customized nutrition guideline

  • 24/7 messenger and e-mail support


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Take charge of your own transformation

  • Ideal for clients unable to attend regular face to face sessions or on a budget

  • Customized training program

  • Customized nutrition guideline

  • 24/7 messenger and e-mail support

  • Weekly progress feedback

  • Face-to-face options


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Outdoor group training delivered by PULSE FITNESS

  • Located at Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park

  • 8 week boot camp in groups of 20 or less

  • Emphasis on team spirit and building resilience

  • Team activities 

  • Suitable for levels

  • October to May

Frank Gaines

"Only He Who Can See The Invisible Can Do The Impossible"



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